resistor color code

What is the resistor color code ?

Color ring resistance reading method:The Numbers represented by the color ring are: brown 1, red 2, orange 3, yellow 4, green 5, blue 6, purple 7, gray 8, white 9, and black 0The error grade of color representation of color ring: gold 5%, silver 10%, brown 1%, red 2%, green 0.5%, blue 0.25%, violet 0.1%, gray 0.05%, colorless 20%The first two digits are significant, the third digit is a power of 10, and the fourth digit is the error level.For example: brown red black gold 12 10 0 =12 ohms error plus or minus 5%Red and orange silver 22 * 10 three power = 22000 Ω = 22 k of error of plus or minus 10%Huang zi gold 47 * 10 4 times the power = 470000 Ω = 470 k of error of plus or minus 5%The first three digits are significant, the fourth digit is a power of 0, and the fifth digit is the error level.For example: brown red black gold 120*1=120 ohms error plus or minus 5%The error is plus or minus 1%The first five rings of the six-ring resistance are read as five-color ring resistance, and the sixth ring is the temperature coefficient.

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Barum Electronics Limited solved the PCB boards

Functional integrity,And that’s why the circuit was designed in such a way that it doesn’t function at all.

The problem can be solved by simply electrifying it with a resistor of 0R,Avoid problems with redesigned PCB boards,

Effectively saves production time,Barum Electronics Limited suggested that when the parts on the PCB have problems,

the function of the position of the parts should be checked first,In order to avoid some unnecessary cost.